Love yourself as you are – Yoga & Self-Discovery Retreat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

13 – 19 August 2017

We are our harshest critic. Because of this self criticism and self
judgement we only see our flaws. We struggle with life and cannot
appreciate the abundance we have in our lives.
Everything in our external life is a reflection of our inner world.
What we do onto ourselves we do onto others; when we judge
ourselves inside, we cannot help but judge others. The only way to
free ourselves from this vicious cycle is to understand ourselves from
within. Understanding leads to love, and love sets everything free. This
process can be made easier in a community of like-minded individuals.
This retreat offers a well-rounded program exploring ways to apply a
meditative yoga practice to everyday actions such as walking, sitting,
talking, and listening. Through these practices, we begin the process
of healing. This will be an opportunity to learn more about meditation,
mindfulness, spirituality, and living a more joyful and peaceful life.


Packages for the 7-day Retreat including Airfare from
Hong Kong (Cathay Dragon)
13 Aug 2017 Hong Kong/ Siem Reap 0755/0930
19 Aug 2017 Siem Reap/ Hong Kong 2005/2340
Single Room HK$19,500* / person
Double/ Twin share HK$17,500* / person
*Estimated price. Pending final confirmation from airline.
Packages for the 7-day Retreat without Airfare
Single Room HK$16,500 / person
Double/ Twin share HK$14,500 / person

All packages are inclusive of:
• 6-nights’ accommodation (including all taxes)
• A round-trip airport-resort transfer (flight packages only)
• Daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner (beverages
not included)
• WI-FI Internet connection in the rooms and resort premises
• All yoga and practice fees mentioned in the daily schedule

Please note that we have limited spots available for the retreat

Please note payment for retreat is non-refundable. Injury
and illness do not qualify for refund.

About Janet Lau

Dedicated to integrating yoga, life wisdom and
mindfulness practices, Janet has been teaching since
2006. She has presented at TEDx and is a published
author, releasing her first book in Chinese, “Living with
Yoga and Mindfulness” in 2014. Janet holds a masters
degree in Buddhist studies and has assisted Baron
Baptiste, Paul Grilley and has taught on yoga retreat with
Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. She is regularly featured
in newspapers, magazines, and radio talk shows in Asia.
For more information about Janet Lau, please visit