Hammock Yoga

Hammock Yoga combined yoga, aerial arts, and dance in one practice. Hammock yoga brings the practice of yoga to a new height, both literally and metaphorically. Hammock Yoga consists of three categories: standing, floor-based, and flying or inverted. The main prop is the hammock, which is a large piece of fabric. The hammock functions in many ways to support the body depending on how it is folded, stretched, and wrapped. One develops strength through resistance training, flexibility through developing a trust-based relationship with the hammock, and balance through the range of motions performed in mid-air. Most importantly, Hammock Yoga combines elegance and playfulness, acrobatics and yoga, strength and flexibility all in one practice. The main objective of Hammock Yoga is to help one to release, retreat, and relax. Feel free to fly! **Please kindly note the followings before attending the class: 1. Please do listen to your body, only go as far as comfortable. 2. Please do tell the teacher if there is a blood pressure problem, pregnancy, or vertigo. 3. Please wear tops with sleeves to protect your armpits. 4. Please wear full-length leggings or pants. 5. Please wipe sweat onto towels NOT the hammock. 6. Please do not attempt any inverted or flying poses without the teacher’s permission or guidance. 7. Please do not wear any jewellery during practice, including watches, rings, bracelets and necklace. 8. Please do not wear fragrance. 9. Please do not eat at least an hour before class.

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