Corinne K.

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Corinne is a passionate and devoted Feminine Embodiment Practitioner. As a Feminine Embodiment Practitioner she is wearing various ‘cloaks’ such as a Birth Doula, Yoga Teacher, and Women’s Ritual Facilitator. She has a deep understanding of the Female Menstrual Cycle, Pregnancy and Childbirth and how they affect a woman's life. She is certified in Prenatal, Postnatal, Women’s Yoga and Yin Yoga. Corinne is a devotee of all things that empower women and in thus in all her teachings she guides and supports women to reconnect with themselves and their female body. During her Prenatal Yoga Class, she prepares women in the best possible way for labor and birth. She encourages them to connect with their baby regularly and she helps them to tune into their intuition and instinct as much as possible. Helping women to build physical strength and mental stamina are both an integrated part of her teachings and of course having fun, which includes a little dance with baby once in a while. Corinne is also big on promoting relaxation and her class is well-balanced between movement and rest. She guides students at all levels. Corinne got certified in Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley in 2012 and ever since, Yin Yoga has become her most favorite self-practice. In 2013 while living in Rio de Janeiro her passion for all things pregnancy related got kindled. There she met Kimberly Ann Johnson who became her teacher and mentor for Prenatal Yoga. In the same year she also certified as Women's Yoga Teacher with Sara Avant Stover, a branch of yoga that incorporates the Female Menstrual Cycle in its teachings. In 2015 when Corinne moved to Hong Kong she took formal training with Samantha and got officially certified as Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher. Corinne is Swiss and speaks fluent English, German and some Portuguese and Italian.