Judy Krupp – 3 days Yoga Therapy Workshop


Everyone has things they don’t understand about their own body. If you’re a yoga teacher, you’ve probably tried to help your students understand their own bodies better. Now, understand yours. 

In this three-day extended learning and yoga therapy workshop, using asanas and mindful breathing, renowned Sydney teacher Judy Krupp will take you through the developmental patterns of the human body so that you can feel – not just see – how imbalances and challenges arise and how they can affect how we walk and move, and our general wellbeing. During this process you will also learn how to recognise imbalances in the body and the problems they create, from twisted pelvises that cause lower back pain to neck and other joint pain. 

Once you have this knowledge, you will better understand your own body and be able to apply that awareness to your students. As these patterns form in childhood – quite often from our very earliest days – this workshop will also be of great interest to any yoga teachers or body therapists who work with children. 

About Judy Krupp

Teaching a multi-faceted approach to the ancient practice of yoga – informed by her original training in the Iyengar system, her appreciation of the art of asana and her deep knowledge of the mechanics of movement and breath, and her over 20 years of teaching yoga and working as a body therapist – Judy Krupp encourages her students to move beyond their perceived limitations while working at their own pace – to work in grace and strength, to inherit the dance of radiance into which we were all born.

Judy’s particular interest is the patterns we learn in our daily lives, and how these can harm or help us. She has seen the results of sitting too much, standing badly and walking poorly – repeated strain on the joints and deterioration of muscle tissue, resulting in discomfort and disease in the body – combined with a lack of awareness of breathing and of the power of breath when used correctly. Judy’s teaching helps practitioners to reset these patterns so that their bodies open up and flow throughout the day, full of energy and with greater awareness of their movement potential and of the importance of the breath. Whether teaching beginners or trainee teachers, Judy’s acute attention to the minute workings of the body and sensitivity to the needs of her students make her classes what they are: a joyous – sometimes challenging, always fascinating – play of flesh and breath, and of the instinctive energies within each human body.


Friday February 24th – 6.30pm to 9.00pm

Saturday February 25th –  9 to 12 & 1 to 6.00pm

Sunday February 26th –  9 to 12 & 1 to 5.30pm           

Cost :Regular HKD4,000, Early bird before January 23rd HKD3,400