Hailing from the shores of Singapore, Nora found yoga in the midst of her career as a theatre and TV producer. After more than 10 years in the arts and entertainment, she confronted the void in her life which opened her heart, mind and body to yoga. With immense gratitude to her teacher Patrick Creelman, the huge transformative shift she experienced after her first teacher training in her physical, emotional and spiritual body awakened her to share the precious gift of yoga with others.
As a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, Nora is deeply thankful to her teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life and Ruth Lauer-Manenti for their teachings of compassion as a path towards enlightenment and for sharing the joy of Bhakti and art of Nada yoga; infusing music and sound into her practice and teachings while threading meaningful and thought provoking themes into her classes. With the purest of intentions, she shares her practice to serve and inspire others to cultivate strength, mindfulness and conscious awareness towards liberation while connecting with their highest Divine Self; realizing the oneness of being.
Her training with Paul and Suzee Grilley in Yin Yoga and anatomy has also infused her classes with appropriate individual alignment; encouraging self expression while breathing elements of fun and playfulness into them. She is a Birthlight certified perinatal Yoga Teacher  as well as a certified Reiki Tummo practitioner and believes in channeling Divine Energy to cleanse and heal the body, mind and spirit.
Nora humbly bows down to all her teachers and students; past, present and future, who continue to teach and inspire her through her lifelong journey of yoga.