Moms don’t often get the recognition that they deserve. To celebrate Mother’s Day, Little Steps Asia has spoken to a few of the extraordinary moms in Hong Kong and asked them to share some personal insights about their lives, things they love to do, and places they love to travel. Little Steps loves moms who inspire. Read on to discover why!

Hema Aswani

Founder Of The Yoga Room And Mom To Two Kids

About Hema

The Yoga Room is an extension of Hema; she’s been passionate about health and well-being since a young age. She’s the studio’s founder, a yoga teacher, and a nutritionist. Hema enjoys all aspects of health and wellness, from eating well to hiking and reading to spending time with friends and family. She believes that a health journey starts with ‘you,’ it requires nurture and drives to sustain habits and hobbies throughout a lifetime.

Favorite Outings

Hema and her kids thrive in nature. Each month, they discover new hiking trails; it’s one of their favorite ways to experience Hong Kong and be outside. They kayak around Stanley and visit rockpools in Sai Kung. They often frequent the ice skating rink at Elements and the newly opened roller skating rink in Quarry Bay.

Travel Dreams

The family’s favorite travel destination is the Marriott Vacation Club. After 12 years of visits, it’s become a home-away-from-home destination. They embrace the tropical paradise, rest and recharge, walk the beach and explore the art trails in Phuket Old Town. They are always perfectly cared for by the welcoming staff.