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After moving to Hong Kong from Vancouver and working in the financial services industry, Claudia experienced the detrimental effects of stress on city people. She turned to yoga to help her achieve harmony among her body, mind and soul. Witnessing the strong grounding effects of yoga, she was inspired to become a teacher herself so that she could share these benefits and her experience with others.

Claudia trained under Tamer Begum to become one of the few Level 4 AntiGravity® Instructors in Hong Kong and obtained her Wildlotus yoga certification with Patrick Creelman. Claudia developed a teaching style that challenges students to push beyond their limits while having fun at the same time. She focuses on each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses and reminds them to always be mindful about their posture and alignment.

As a yoga teacher, Claudia is constantly striving to improve and develop new skills to better help her and her students achieve new heights in their yoga journey. Her million-dollar smile and a Pacific Northwest energy brings a unique vibe to each class that challenges your limits but not forgetting to focus on alignment. You will be leaving a class with her having fully experienced a sense of “self” with a big smile on your face.