Janet Lau 110-hr Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training 

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Janet Lau 110-hr Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training 

June 6, 2023 @ 8:00 AM - June 18, 2023 @ 5:00 PM

110小時 《陰陽瑜伽》師資訓練
開始日期:2023年06月06日, 星期二
完結日期:2023年06月18日, 星期日
時間: 08:00 – 17:00
地點: The Yoga Room, 香港




200小時基礎培訓 300小時高階培訓
陰陽瑜伽 / 瑜伽經

*完成既定的單元仍可獲取美國瑜伽聯盟(Yoga Alliance)認可之200或 /及500小時認證瑜伽老師。詳情請參考專業認證常見問題


  • 身體的自然傾向
  • 瞭解阻擋我們移動的兩種力量:張力與壓力
  • 在大部份瑜伽練習中所用到的14個關節區塊
  • 學習主要體位群組及個別體位的功能性
  • 學習如何解讀不同的身體結構
  • 不同序列方式的效果以及原因
  • 瞭解陽(左腦)與陰(右腦)之間的整合
  • 如何將我們自己以及學生在瑜伽練習中帶到身心平衡的狀態


  • 清楚自己骨骼的獨特之處並懂得如何調整動作來找到適當練習強度
  • 依照學生的身體結構,有效地幫助他們找到適合的練習與順位方式
  • 依照不同需要去安排一套流暢瑜伽或陰瑜伽練習
  • 清晰陰與陽瑜伽之分別,引領學生回到平衡的狀態


  • 瑜伽練習
  • 坐禪練習
  • 有關解剖學之個人及分組作業
  • 測驗
  • 試教練習
  • 再度研習單元的學員會被委任為組長,籍以加深對此科目之瞭解及學習引導他人


  • Paul Grilley的《Anatomy for Yoga 》DVD
  • Bernie Clark的《Yin Sights》(第1到4、12及13章)


(This training will be taught in Cantonese only.)

The purpose of an asana practice is to heal the body and balance the mind, and to help us cultivate an equanimous attitude towards all experiences in our lives. It’s important to tune into the needs of our bodies to achieve the body-mind balance.

We start by studying our unique body structure and how to move according to our body to have an effective practice. We then study the energetic makeup of different asana groups and how to sequence them in a vinyasa or hatha class. After which we turn our focus to the softer aspect of yin yoga, and finally blending vinyasa and yin to create different chemistry within an asana class.

This is the first mandatory module for the RYT200* apprentices, an elective for the 300-hr* advanced apprentices, and an option as continuing education.

200-hr Foundational Training 300-hr Advanced Training
Yin Yang
Yoga Sutras
Yin Yang / Yoga Sutras
Speak Your Truth

*Completion of specific modules by the end of 2022 will still qualify you as a 200-/ 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT) under the Yoga Alliance system.  For details, please refer to the Certification and FAQ section.

Main Topics:

  • Our natural body predisposition
  • The two main types of forces that stop our movements: tension vs. compression
  • 14-joint segments that you will encounter in most yoga practices
  • The functional purpose of main asana groups and individual postures
  • Reading different body structures
  • Reasons & effects of sequencing
  • The integration between the yang (left brain) and the yin (right brain)
  • How to bring ourselves and students to a balanced state with our yoga practice


  • Understand your personal body structure AND able to modify different postures to help you best utilize the practice
  • Help students find the suitable way of alignment and modification according to their unique body structure
  • Sequence a vinyasa or yin yoga class according to different needs of the body and mind
  • Understand the essence of the yin and yang yoga, lead students back to a state of balance

Practices and homework:

  • Yoga asana
  • Sitting meditation
  • Individual and group work on the subject of anatomy
  • Quiz
  • Teaching practice
  • Those retaking the module will be expected to take the role as team leaders, as a practice, to guide others and develop deeper understanding of the course material

Pre-studies (must be completed prior to the start of the training):

  • Anatomy for Yoga DVD by Paul Grilley
  • Yin Sights (Ch. 1-4, 12 and 13) by Bernie Clark

There is a day off on Monday, June 12th.


110小時陰陽瑜伽 (早鳥價: $17,600; 正價: $19,800)

Please drop us an email at info@yogaroomhk.com / call 2544-8398 for details / WhatsApp 6685-9097 (Click to start chat) for details.
Booking can also be made directly through our office, please contact us.
  • Please note that once paid, no refund will be offered on training and workshops.
  • Full participation of training hours is required to obtain certification.
  • This is a Yoga Alliance Registered Programme


June 6, 2023 @ 8:00 AM
June 18, 2023 @ 5:00 PM


The Yoga Room


The Yoga Room