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A weekend of healing with Matthew Cohen

June 2 @ 3:00 pm - June 3 @ 4:00 pm

Saturday June 2nd – Sunday June 3th 2018

10 hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance


Matthew Cohen is the founder and creator of Sacred Energy Arts: a unique, integrated system of health and self-development drawing from the teachings of yoga, qigong, and martial arts. Matthew developed this method after discovering that even though yoga, qigong, and the internal martial arts each stand alone as great health systems that something powerful and transformative emerges as the practices join. Together they complement each other to create a complete practice. Discover the grace and power of the ancient martial arts practices through his workshops and classes in Hong Kong.

Saturday June 2nd 3-7pm: Adjustments energetics and alignments of Yoga postures

This intensive is meant to help guide, prepare, and grow your personal practice and teach you how to gracefully communicate with your students to meet their needs as they commune with you on the mat. Matthew’s decades of yoga, bodywork, energetic study, and internal martial arts make him uniquely qualified to dive into the depths of each yoga posture from a multi-dimensional approach. There is language that needs to be learned when working on alignment. This language is both spoken and unspoken, it is both with touch and without. Teachers are never simply adjusting a posture, they are adjusting a person. People with their own stories, attachments, emotions, and pasts. This intensive training fully explores the development of that awareness. Matthew will teach how to trust your inner compass. You will learn how read body language. We will dive into teacher archetypes – The warrior, the sage, the visionary, and ultimately the healer to learn how to lay hands on students. We will also explore the category of poses to understand greater meaning within each posture. As we turn into a twist it can act not only for detoxification, but as a look into our pasts. As we practice inversions, we alter not only our physical perspective, but maybe learn to see other aspects of life through a different lens. As we find ourselves in a balance pose, may we explore the many balances and dances that come with life.

Sunday June 3rd 9am-12pm: Healing Hands – Intro to massage

The heart of this method of Healing is using intention, energy, our hands and our heart to help others feel better, more radiant, awake and alive. Emphasis will be placed on cultivating, regulating and managing life energy. Through solo and partner exercises, students learn how to clear blockages and harmonize destructive emotions, as well as various techniques to alleviate pain and hypertension. This workshop will help detoxify the body and create greater range of motion.


Sunday June 3rd 1-4pm: 5 Element Qigong workshop

The ancient Chinese scholars believe that the universe consists of five basic elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The Five Element Qigong works with these basic elements. Specific movements relate to a particular element, which in turn relates to various organs in the body. Each element also refers to a particular season. For example, Metal, the element of the fall season, is related to the lungs and large intestine. In the Five Element Qigong, the Metal element movement of “Great Hawk Spreads Its Wings” is practiced to heal and strengthen the organs related to the element. The Five Element Qigong practice is done in alternating intervals of standing poses and walking meditation. Each sacred gesture is followed by a few minutes of walking, the purpose of which is to learn to transition smoothly from the sacred to secular everyday activities so that over time, there’s no difference between a meditative practice and the daily life. Matthew Cohen started teaching the Five Element Qigong class in May 2010, after receiving the blessings to share these arts from Beijing-based martial artist and healer Liu Xu Yang, a 5th generation Ba Gua master of the internal Chinese martial arts. Sacred Energy Arts is the only place to practice the Five Element Qigong in the U.S.


The Yoga Room 4/F


Join all 3 workshops (10 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education):

Early Bird Price: $1,900HKD // Regular Price: $2,400HKD

*Early Bird Price until April 15th

Special classes:

Friday evening June 1st 7:30 -9:00pm

S.E.A Yoga extended Flow – Stoking the Fire class

Location: The Yoga Room 16/F

Price: $250HKD


Saturday June 2nd 10am-11am

Outdoor Tai chi class with Matthew

Location: Central Ferry Pier no.10

Price: $150HKD


Sunday June 3rd 5:30-6:30pm

Silent Disco Yoga class with Matthew Cohen

Location: Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

Price: $150HKD

***Minimum students: Please note that this programme requires a minimum of 8 students.

Please drop us an email at or call 2544-8398 for details.
Book NOW at:

About Matthew Cohen

Matthew has been fully immersed in the study and application of Martial, Yogic and Healing Arts for over 30 years. At a young age Matthew instinctively gravitated towards yoga, discovering the hidden secrets within the breath, balance, and strength of the poses. Matthew’s practice continued to grow, obtaining certifications in Ashtanga under Tim Miller and Hatha Yoga under Max Strom, Sarah Powers, and Saul David Raye. Matthew has the highest Yoga Alliance certification as an E-RYT® 500 certified teacher. At 12-years-old, Matthew began martial arts training at Kam Yuen’s School of Tai Mantis Kung Fu,eventually earning the rank of 5th degree black belt. He went on to attain the title of Guru in Kun Tao Silat under the masterful Willem de Thouars. Inspired by these teachers and their ability to draw great inner strength from these practices, Matthew went on to study the three great internal martial arts of China: Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and Ba Gua. Matthew had the good fortune to train many hours privately in China with the renown grandmaster Duan Zhi Laing. There he received the masters blessing to share his style of Primordial Chaos Qigong. He then studied under Liu Xuyang in Neija, Ba Gua, and Xing Yi.

Matthew earned a position as a 6th generation teacher in the lineage and only person recognized to teach his style in the United States. Today Matthew is a highly sought after master teacher of Tai Chi as well as Qigong: The art of energy cultivation.

Matthew is great believer in the life long journey of the continual growth in the Sacred Energy Arts. He currently is learning and training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Master Jean Jacques Machado. Matthew is based in Malibu, California and travels internationally teaching workshops, intensives, and teacher trainings.



June 2 @ 3:00 pm
June 3 @ 4:00 pm
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