Pre-natal Pilates

•During pregnancy, the entire pelvic area is weakened by the pressure of the growing baby. Pilates helps to strengthen the pelvic floor and lower back which helps prepare for the labor process. •It strengthens the transversus abdominus and promotes relaxation because it focuses on lateral breathing. Lateral breathing opens up the ribcage and helps lessen the discomfort of a baby sitting in an extremely high position. You will experience less heartburn and pain between the ribs. •Increases over-all body strength through stretching, breathing to increase relaxation, and a combination of breathing/movement which helps improve circulation of blood and oxygen. This will enable a more focused, calm, less cranky pregnancy. •The movements in Pilates helps prevent inflammation and swelling around your joints. The combination of intentional breathing, controlled and expansive exercises all help to make the body comfortable in the crucial areas like the shoulders and neck, the lower back, and the hips/pelvis. Leg cramps are lessened. Habits that you establish during your pregnancy will carry over to your postnatal life. Taking Pilates during pregnancy means your body is going to bounce back faster.

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