Kids Yoga & Aerial Hammock

Kids Yoga at The Yoga Room

The Yoga Room runs kids yoga classes on Saturday mornings from ages 12 and above. Through Yoga we build strength, cultivate self esteem, increase body and emotional awareness, increase focus through different yoga poses and mindfulness exercises. Kids learn in a nurturing non competitive environment and learn techniques which can be used in their other sports and activities outside of the yoga mat. They learn how to handle stress better as we focus on the breath in postures and guided meditations and breath work exercises. Every child can benefit from Yoga and take it into their adult life.

The benefits of our Yoga program is to:

  • Increase kids focus, attention and concentration span
  • Relax and sleep better
  • Develop imagination and creative expression
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Handle stress more effectively
  • Develop healthy and strong bodies
  • Learn about the human body
  • Build self esteem
Kids Yoga for Schools

The Yoga Room teaches weekly kids yoga classes at several schools in Hong Kong. We believe that each child is a whole, unique and precious being, deserving of understanding and respect.

The classes can be offered to three group levels:

  • Kids Yoga Level 1 (Ages 2-5 years) – Kindergarten
  • Kids Yoga Level 2 (Ages 5+) – Primary
  • Teen Yoga (Ages 12+) – Secondary

Through the practice of postures, games, visualization, music, creativity, team exercises, breathing and relaxation we teach students to expand their awareness and self-control while building their self-esteem as they learn to move with their breath and develop their focus and concentration.

Our teachers are all certified Kids Yoga instructors and radiate with warmth and knowledge from their extensive and diverse training. We can teach classes in English or Chinese according to the school needs.

“I love yoga because it’s relaxing and calming, and also very fun!”

“The reason why i like yoga is because it is a time where I can stretch my body and also relax in a calm and quiet environment”

“I start to like yoga when I see my mommy practising. And after I join the yoga class, I feel my mind is calm when doing yoga and I like it.”
Cherie Anne

“Yoga is a relaxing outlet for my feelings, thoughts & emotions. It enables me feel fresh & clear my mind. Doing yoga with friends is a great way to socialize at the end of my week. It also helps me gain strength & flexibility. Thank you Yoga Room!”

“Yoga helps me relax and learn new poses.”

“Yoga helps me keep my flexibility in tact, and I strengthen my core & breathing.”

“Yoga helps me to relax and clear my mind of negative thoughts.”