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Anita is officially certified with two major world-famous yoga traditions. She was certified in Jivamukti Yoga in 2011 and attained Universal Yoga certification in 2012.

Yoga has changed her way of life. Through practising yoga, a sense of ease and completeness is cultivated. It has inspired her on what yoga is and who she really is. She becomes conscious of everything around her. Mentally, energetically and physically she develops a deep connection within herself and with her surroundings.

Being enthusiastic in yoga, Anita hopes to share the value of love, not for her own benefit, but for the benefits of others. This is the meaning of yoga to her – be conscious and to achieve the state of tranquility and attain spiritual insight. To use her knowledge for the benefits of those she serves.

Anita is forever grateful to be taught by her gurus Andrey Lappa, David Life and Sharon Gannon who generously shared their love and wisdom along her path of Sadhana.

“May I dedicate my life and energy to share the teachings of yoga and joy with those I meet.”