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Chops had a hard time studying in Vancouver, decided to move to Taipei to start his personal training career. He felt inspired, empowered, and fulfilled from interacting with people, and helping them to become a healthier version of themselves; he knew then that he wanted to help and work with people for the rest of his life. Chops changed his path to yoga teaching in 2007, he felt blessed to have work alongside Patrick Creelman for over 800+ hours from 2008-2010. During that time, Chops gained valuable teaching tools to connect with students, especially when it comes to creating a positive setting in the group. But he was starting to deal with more physical injuries, due to his own competitive nature from sports through his whole life. That’s when Heidi shared her experiences practicing with Richard Freeman; Chops yoga path took a route from there on. The breathing process and experience in asana felt brand new to Chops after meeting Richard Freeman. All this internal work helped Chops to become more compassionate; he used to be fascinated with the idea reaching enlightenment. But now he sees personal growth, contributions and being compassionate are foundations of fulfillments in life. Chops has now lived and taught at Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei. He is grateful to have been exposed to different culture and meeting great people throughout 10 years of teaching. His teaching style continues to evolve as he continues to explore the depth in yoga from different angles. His teaching style remains challenging with long holds, steady focus with mindfulness breathing. Chops is also in the process of becoming a Rolfer. Rolfing being one of the first system to address the myofascia net in the human body, this system has helped Chops to understand the body and mind connection to the whole different level.