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Dilip was born into a family of Yogic culture, Ayurveda and Martial arts, in Kerala, India. He started his training in yoga early in his childhood which helped him to stay focused. A serious accident left him with fractured wrist and knees, but the amazing healing power of yoga with the aid of Ayurveda helped him to fully recover his health. This incident helped him to deepen the understanding of the healing power of yoga which eventually led him onto this sacred path of body and mind healing. Dilip holds a Masters Degree in Yoga Therapy, from the prestigious, Kasturba Medical College, India, and worked and trained there as a yoga therapist. He draws a lot of his own experience as a yoga therapist, when he helps his students with muscles or joint problems. His classes incorporate the ancient wisdom of yoga and many Oriental healing techniques into the modern science of anatomy and alignment, which he delivers in a fun-filled environment. He feels truly blessed that his love for yoga and its therapeutic benefits have helped him get closer to the heart of his students and friends