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Canadian born with a passion for travel, Emily sees yoga as an opportunity to explore and unveil your true and highest potential, on and off the mat. Too often we forget about the truly extraordinary beings that we are. Emily believes that the practice of yoga is the perfect way to be reminded of this, and to push us past and exceed our previously set limitations into in an expansive, endless journey of self-discovery. Her love for yoga has guided her on her own path of self-inquiry and has inspired her to share her knowledge of this sacred, traditional practice and to adapt it to be practical and accessible to us in our modern world. After discovering yoga while living abroad in Australia, Emily travelled to Bali to complete her initial 200-hr Vinyasa Flow iFlow Teacher Training. Following this training, she then began her teaching experience in New Zealand. Aspiring to deepen her understanding of yoga, Emily proceeded to travel to the USA to attend a 250-hr Integrative Yoga Therapy training at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. To complete her 500-hr certification, Emily travelled to Arizona and participated in a 50-hr Functional Yoga Therapy Advanced Assessment & Treatment Planning training. Finally returning back to Canada, teaching yoga became a full-time profession for Emily, gaining experience in teaching a wide variety of students, including athletes, seniors, and everyone in between, in private one-on-one and group settings. As a Yoga Therapist, Emily sees each person as a unique individual with their own specific needs and requirements. Based on the Panchamayakosha model (five subtle layers of the body), the ultimate goal of a one-on-one Yoga Therapy session is to allow the individual to bring balance and to reconnect with themselves, beginning on a physical level, and to continue to explore deeper into their emotional and energetic well-being. Emily’s approach to healing is supported by her knowledge of Anatomy – providing relief of chronic pain or conditions and injury rehabilitation. Emily’s primary focus of an individual session is to release tension and realign the physical body by identifying muscular imbalances and correcting poor posture, and from here create and follow a unique treatment plan to assist you on your healing journey. Emily believes that Yoga is accessible to anyone, and is a lifelong journey that will allow you to discover acceptance, compassion, and a greater understanding towards others and yourself.