Corporate Wellness

Committed to your team’s well-being

At the Yoga Room we give special attention to our corporate clients. Our teams are knowledgeable about the challenges and pressure that employees have to endure in a city environment like Hong Kong. For this reason, we carefully craft personalized solutions that fit any company size, while giving companies the best ROI.

Wellness programs ran within companies’ headquarters have become a strategic advantage, contributing to higher employee retention and overall employee satisfaction. We are very honored to work with many companies in Hong Kong, from Forbes 500 to small and medium.

Our commitment to service quality, innovation and out of the box thinking results in experiences that your company employees and clients will never forget.

Wellness Programme Benefits

For Employers:

  • Improves immunity and reduces employee sick days
  • Reduces medical costs
  • Better productivity and efficiency
  • Promotes team work and employee interaction
  • Increases employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Cost-effective way to provide employees tools
    to cope with stress and challenges while at work
  • Makes the company more attractive to potential employees


For Employees:

  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Provides energy, focus and enthusiasm
  • Reduce employee fatigue and back pain
  • Improves efficiency, creativity and productivity
  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Improves overall physical and mental health


Wellness Solutions

Retreats – Special Events – At corporate classes

Our offering is based on three key distinct solutions, depending on client needs: Retreats, Special wellness events, and corporate classes

Whether you choose a retreat, a special event or corporate classes with us, at The Yoga Room we focus on creating awareness shifting experiences. This is of special importance to our corporate clients, since the demanding nature of their jobs, often leave them depleted, stressed and unmotivated.

We specialize on targeting a specific challenge, celebrate teams and milestones, energize a new/old team, and/or re-balancing and bonding time for management.

Retreats to expand your outlook – relax-nurture-unwind

A retreat is a gateway to immerse teams and individuals into a specific experience that aims to make an impact on their outlook. From strategic decision making, to client relationship management, we proudly deliver beautifully crafted, one of a kind retreats in some of the most stunning locations in Asia.


Having curated and worked with some of the most exclusive venues in South East Asia, we give you the most unforgettable and life changing retreat experiences, without the burden to arrange every single detail! Our key goal when organizing retreats overseas is that you don’t have to worry about anything and can focus on the important aspects of the experience.

Among others, we have conducted retreats in some of the most breath taking locations around Philippines, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, China or Cambodia.

Our level of involvement is different depending on your specific needs. From providing with a full program to supporting your strategic agenda with yoga/breath/meditation classes along the way.

Special Events for lasting corporate memories

A special event is a perfect opportunity to engage teams and wow clients! We specialize on creative wellness events that will keep people talking about your company for a long time and greatly benefit participants’ well-being. . . atmosphere of openness, team spirit, and calmness. Carefully selected masters on their field will visit you and deliver an experience that will keep people talking.


The core goal of our wellness events is to provide with the right atmosphere of openness, safety, calmness and engaged team spirit.

From a session of singing bowls with guided meditation, to forest bathing in nature our creative solutions are always bringing a different outlook to life, and stimulate with new input our often bored brains.

Corporate Classes, the convenient and reliable path to wellness

More and more companies are recognizing the value of offering yoga classes at work to their employees. It is making employee wellness a priority and it is a simple and cost effective way to promote physical activity and mental health.


Our yoga classes are suitable for staff members of all levels.  Classes can be conducted online, in group and/or private setting, both in English and Cantonese.

There is a yoga class for everyone, and our team of very experienced, well-rounded teachers deliver classes that favors benefit over form. Among others you can try from Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, Breath work to Pilates or TRX.

We also provide with yoga mat rental service, pick-up and delivery. Plus plenty of wellness classes that don’t require yoga mats.

Contact us today and join the corporate wellness revolution!
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