At The Yoga Room we offer kids yoga using an international recognized program called ‘YogaKids’ developed by Marsha Wenig. The Yoga Kids program has been introduced in over 23 countries. The Yoga Kids program has been featured in TIME, CNN and many other publications.

The Yoga Kids program is not only about doing a pose but to educate the whole child with a comprehensive approach that addresses the brain, mind and spirit in a fun manner.

Marsha Wenig uses Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence which is based on 8 types of intelligence to make learning easier and with a better chance of retention. These 8 types of intelligences have been expanded to 14 Yoga Kids Elements. One pose can teach the elements such as anatomy, math, peace, music, and echo earth all at once

The objectives of the YogaKids program are to:

  • Increase kids focus, attention and concentration span
  • Relax and sleep better
  • Develop imagination and creative expression
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Handle stress more effectively
  • Develop healthy and strong bodies
  • Learn about the human body
  • Build self esteem

We offer classes for ages 6 & above.