AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga

Explore moving in all directions of open space with the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock as you swing and soar your way to greater health & well being. This class introduces you to meditation, pranayama, and asana postures, while focusing on building upper body strength, core strength, flexibility, mobility and including a variety of zero compression inversions. Open to all levels. Prerequisites: None Please arrive 10-15min early for Hammock adjustments For your comfort we recommend a T-shirt with sleeves.

AntiGravity® Fundamentals

This introductory course includes zero-compression inversions, suspended mobility, flexibility, and FUN! The movement is broken down incrementally, and is recommended for first timers and easy riders. Experience an enjoyable and FUN combination of agility, swinging, and accessible movement aimed towards opening and relaxing both body and mind. This class is suitable for complete beginners.

AntiGravity® Open Up

When you Open Up space in the Body, you Open Up space in the mind. AntiGravity® Open Up class includes zero-compression inversions, suspended mobility, flexibility, core strengthening and FUN! The movement is broken down incrementally, and is recommended for first timers and students who want to take their existing practice to new heights with Flying Shoulder stands made accessible on the Harrison Hammock. Experience an enjoyable combination of spinal decompression, strengthening, joint mobilizing and accessible movement aimed towards opening up both the body and mind.

AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga

AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga is the gentle, meditative, slow stretching and rehabilitative version of AG Aerial Yoga. This approach is perfect for those with a lower fitness level or who just like an approach that gives you time to tune in at a deep level. This unique method focuses the mind through powerful visualizations as you float through a series of gentle gyro-kinetic motions, deeply opening the entire spine, hips, and connective tissues of the body. This technique features full body inversions, alongside various forms of flowing spinal traction with the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock height is lowered much closer to the mat for greater accessibility and relaxation. Prerequisites: AG Restorative Yoga is an excellent class for first timers. For your comfort we recommend a T-shirt with sleeves.

AntiGravity® Stretch & Release

This class focuses on stretching and releasing tension in the muscles with the support of the AntiGravity® hammock. With the help of gravity we can experience a deeper stretch in a more relaxing way. Students can also develop better balance and muscle control by using the support of the AntiGravity® hammock to balance and stretch in different yoga poses. There will be no inversions in this class and it is appropriate for all levels.


A modified form of the traditional Primary Series postures, this Ashtanga class is both a great workout and covers all basic poses. Ashtanga is taught in a sequenced form that is the same every time, lending one to true progress with the postures.



Candlelight Yin

Candlelight Yin Yoga is a deep, meditative and often profound practice. Infused in the longer, more passive holds , the yin style involves surrendering into poses and exploring them for longer periods of time in order to let go of tensions stored in the body and to calm the nervous system. Practicing this way helps to target deeper connective tissues especially around the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Candlelight Yin Yoga is a peaceful way to end your day This practice will be lit entirely by candlelight helping us to balance our emotions, still our minds and open the deep connective tissues in the body using various yin asanas.

Core Strength Vinyasa Flow

A fun and challenging Vinyasa class. Combining a powerful flow with core strengthening, arm balancing and inversion practice. You will move and feel from the centre of your body learning to engage the core more deeply and intentionally in all postures. A rigorous class balanced with time spent holding poses while building strength, focus, self awareness and confidence. Suitable for intermediate levels.



Detox Yoga

Breath, Twist and Flow. Detox yoga facilitates cleansing, clear out carbon dioxide from lung tissues, lactic acid, and lymphatic fluid from deep tissues. It soothes the nervous system, increase mental clarity and stimulates the digestive organs which decrease gas and bloating constipation, chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain and possibly skin disorders. Suitable for all level students.



Forrest Yoga – All Levels

Forrest Yoga is a grounding and dynamic practice that addresses the issues & stress of today's modern city lifestyle. Through intelligent class sequencing, Forrest Yoga builds both strength and flexibility. Focusing on core strength and deep breathing Forrest Yoga enables the improvement of our body intelligence and help us to re-connect physical body with our mind. This class is suitable for all levels.



Gentle Flow

Gentle Yoga consists of light asana movements, longer stretches and deeper breathings. This type of practice is a soothing practice meant to relax the body, integrate the emotions, calm the mind, release energy blockages and revitalize.



Hatha – All Levels

A general level Hatha class, this will be a class meant for everyone. A variety of poses with modifications for beginners/ advanced will be given. Great for everyone with a good pace!

Hatha – Beginner

This class is designed with the beginner in mind. Whether you are new to yoga or recently overcoming an injury/ pregnancy, this is the class for you. Props such as blocks and straps are used to facilitate movement and detailed instructions are given. Sun Salutations will be introduced as well as all basic poses.

Hatha – Intermediate

Designed for intermediate practitioners with a consistent practice - this class takes the necessary mobility and stability attained from beginner / all-level classes to develop and move forward towards challenging asanas. Variations in poses are included for a smooth transition to move forward.

Hot Flow

Also taught in a hot room, this class offers all the benefits of hot yoga, increasing strength and flexibility but follows a varying sequence of postures depending on the class and teacher. This flowing vinyasa class will guide you through a sequence of postures following your breath.



Jivamukti – Intermediate

Jivamukti yoga is an upbeat, vigourous vinyasa practice with its core philosophy of compassion ( Ahimsa), as a path towards enlightenment, threading deeply through the practice.  It infuses yoga philosophy, spiritual and social activism, meditation, music, mantra and chanting; integrating the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga practices into today’s  lifestyle without losing sight of the ancient and universal goal of yoga, which is liberation; Self realization and the oneness of being.




Mysore is a style of yogasana practice called Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the southern Indian city of Mysore. The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments & verbal instructions. Mysore style gives students space to focus. The cue to move on to the next posture comes from the student’s own breath, instead of the teacher's instructions. Students can therefore spend a little longer time, work at their own pace, on something that they find challenging. In effect, students become their own teacher. When a student is unable to do a certain pose or transition (vinyasa) the teacher shall suggest an easier option. This practice is characterised by the sound of ujjayi breathing, which is a powerful, rhythmic and heating breathing technique that is performed throughout the practice. Since every student in the class works at their own pace, it may appear to a novice as though everyone is doing something different. This may also cut down on the elements of competition and comparison among students. Little verbal instruction is given, and when it is given it is usually whispered only to the student it is intended for, for the benefit of that student. Adjustments are an important part of Mysore style practice. This is where experienced teachers use their hands to guide the students’ body into a pose to support them or to correct their alignment. For example, student learns to place his/her trust on the teacher as the teacher helps the student getting into headstand for the first time.



Pause & Refresh Mindfulness Practice

Are you feeling stressed, reactive or generally out of balance? Do you want to be more centered, calm and joyful? Discover how mindfulness can serve you. Open to all, this practice incorporates stillness and movement, working with the breath and body as well as attitudinal factors to cultivate mindfulness.



Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props in restful postures. Rest provides the body an opportunity to renew and heal. Restorative classes are a good complement to more active practices.

Restorative Yoga with Crystal Singing Bowls

In this special restorative and sound healing fusion class, participants will relax in gentle yet full and deep stretching poses. The sound vibration of the crystal singing bowls will help you to release tension deep inside the body and ease the mind. It is a therapeutic and meditative practice that helps you to connect with the divinity within yourself. This is also a healing and recuperative experience that can balance chakra energy, improve circulation, sleep quality and productivity.



Self Discovery

All spiritual teachings point to the same truth: Life strives for growth, expansion, love, freedom, and expression; life itself can be both darkness and light. Through understanding of the self, we can come to the understanding of all. As we learn to embrace ourselves for who we are, we begin to discover our fullest potential. When we can bring the best out of ourselves, we can bring the best out of others. Different topics will be offered here with the intention to cultivate awareness, receptivity, and wisdom in everyday life. Depending on the topic, there will be lecture, sitting meditation, self-reflection exercises, sharing and applied mindfulness into everyday life. This class welcomes practitioners of any level and you may wear comfortable clothing for meditation (yoga attire is not a must).



Universal Yoga – Intermediate

Universal yoga follows the tradition developed by Andrey Lappa. This class focuses on balanced development of strength, flexibility and coordination. Participants will be guided through a well-balanced sequence of asanas (postures) for the legs/hips, arms/shoulders, core and spine, vinyasas (movements synchronized with breathing), and pranayama practices (breathing techniques for energy control). Options and modifications will be given based on each individual’s needs. At the end of each class, participants will experience a strong sense of balance of body and mind. Suitable for intermediate yoga practitioners with a consistent yoga practice.



Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a movement which is synchronized to the breath, it is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. The breath becomes an important component because the teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale.

Vinyasa Intermediate

Fluid transitions allow poses to flow from one to another developing strength, stamina and flexibility while also calming the mind. This class is designed for the intermediate practitioner. Notify the instructor before class begins if you would prefer modified or more challenging postures.



Warm Stretch

This class will be conducted in a mildly heated room to help you relax and stretch. Postures will be held for longer duration allowing the body to stretch well, which helps getting rid of stiffness and aches from the body. The restorative style of class will also help the body to release hormones that result in physical and mental relaxation. Both beginners and advanced practitioners are welcome to join the class, as it's an all levels class.

Wheel Yoga

The wheel gives the individual the ability to expand, stretch and helps develop more flexibility and stability. With regular practice the yoga wheel helps newbies and intermediate students back bend more easily while increasing more flexibility in the spine, shoulders, quads and hips as well as improving balance. It is a yoga wheel flow class that everyone from beginners to advanced students can enjoy. The class will sync movement with breath while mixing vinyasa style yoga and wheel practice together for a wonderful heart opening experience.




Yin yoga, is a very distinct style of yoga similar to hatha yoga that stretches the connective tissue rather than conditioning the muscles, the latter being the aim of most other styles of hatha yoga. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Yin postures are held three to five to ten minutes at a time. This type of practice complements the more muscular styles of Yoga.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang Yoga blends the active sun or ‘yang’ energy of yoga asanas (postures) with the more reflective moon or ‘yin’ energy to bring strength and flexibility and a calm mind and relaxed body through the practices of breath work and relaxation techniques. This class blends the elements of yin yoga with those of vinyasa flow. The class includes some slow deep hip opening stretches and moves into a movement practice of connecting postures through breath.

Yoga Bou

The prop of Yoga Bou will be used to facilitate movement and detailed instructions will be given. Sun Salutations will be introduced as well as all basic poses. Yoga Bou is a prop designed to help release muscular tensions in the body. Utilizing leverage, the bou (stick or rod in Japanese) creates greater power on one side as you push another side away from its center. As it works on smaller masses of muscles and those in deeper layers, it draws out joint mobility naturally available in your body. By awakening the deeper muscles, the bou will help realign your body axis, the basis of good posture, and release tension around shoulders and hip joints. It is also an effective tool to teach oneself correct alignments of yoga poses.

Yoga for the Core

Expect to energize the entire body in this all-level Yoga class with a focus on increasing strength and stability of the abdomen and pelvis. Develop a conscious connection to your core – improving posture and body awareness – while being guided towards a calm mind and steady breath, even in the face of challenge. Complete the practice with a grounding relaxation, and leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to enjoy the rest of your day.

Yoga Sculpt

When muscle meets yoga, Yoga Sculpt is born. This class will challenge endurance, boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move in a heated room. You’ll combine Power Yoga sequencing along with cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and push ups. * Room will be heated to 27-29 degrees Celsius * Yoga experience required * Inversions may be included

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is designed for anyone who has physical or mental stress such as back, neck and knee pain, migraine, insomnia, depression, fatigue after work etc. It consists of simple physical postures, breathing practice & relaxation techniques to keep your optimum health. The perfect class to relieve stress.